bushistas and mcsame supporters trot out the racism.

this is no time to get timid about encountering racism in america. the GOP’s tacit and silent agenda of allowing racists to spew out their hate via blogs to mobilize fear among the electorate can only be confronted front and center with condemnation by any and all non racists. we cannot be silent any longer america. the far right is blogging more and more about race now that the republican convention is over. they are being encouraged to do so by fringe members of the GOP who hope to swing the vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin and by their silence i can only deduce that mccain and palin are in agreement with this. racism is unamerican and inhuman and will be confronted by this bear whenever i encounter it. please join me fellow bloggers. and don’t be askeered remember that racists are like roaches when you confront them with light they scatter for the dark places they love best. they are cowards and we will overcome.

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