“oh no, it’s coming right for us…”


is this a bad episode of South Park or can Jimbo and Ned actually be right? a real depression does seem to be descending on us. unemployment is growing daily. GM is facing bankruptcy. the bail-out does not appear to be working. what should we do about it to prepare for survival? stockpile toilet paper? whiskey? canned food? gather scattered family members into tribal communal living to share the daily gathering of needs….or do we do anything at all? right wingers and gun nuts will want to check out this site for tips on surviving the coming economic collapse. greenies will want to check this out. as for me…i can’t decide between taking all the remaining cash to Las Vegas and gambling it all on roulette after taking in a show of louie anderson at the excalibur and asking him to remind me about his plan to die slumped over the wheel with a cheeseburger and a milk shake…..or taking to the hills and panning for gold….either way, have fun kids.

full-on depression or deep recession?

john mccain could not care less what you call it. it won’t effect him either way.

john mccain doesn’t like it when people talk about the economy. he would rather call american voters socialists when they say that they support Obama. but, john mccain doesn’t have to worry much about the economy because win or lose, he and his wealthy wife have 8 houses and 50 million dollars of assets to fall back on. but of course, john and cindy mccain would not want to pay an additional 4% tax on their earnings since they always make well over 250,000.00 dollars per year.

together john and cindy mccain made over 6.5 million in 2007. the average american makes less than 34 thousand per year and takes home about two thousand per month. when you take the top 5% of the richest americans out of the equation, the average salary drops to 26 thousand per month with take home pay of about one thousand four hundred per month or 700.00 every two weeks. that equates to about 12.00/hour.

john and cindy mccain make about 541,000.00 per month, which would equate to about 1591.00 per hour each.

to put things in perspective, that twice monthly 700.00 paycheck you rely on for you and your family’s survival for two weeks would keep john and cindy mccain within their lifestyle for approximately 1/2 hour. of course, john and cindy mccain and their wealthy friends don’t want Obama to win. they don’t want to pay 4% more in federal taxes. how could they possibly afford it?

thanks to right wing republicans and john mccain for setting me straight

i wasn’t aware that supporting a candidate who wants tax fairness for 95% of americans and tax increases for the other 5% who make over 250.000.00 per year would make me a socialist. so that must mean that since i actually believe in government of the people, by the people and for the people that must make me a socialist too? someone should have told Abe Lincoln that the government is really for the rich and friends of john mccain’s right wing beliefs.

meanwhile….back at the ranch

don’t worry- W and his crack team are on it. while henry paulson continues to try to prime the pump into operating again with our trillion, W is going to fix everything on Nov 15 by hosting a world leader summit in Washington. Maybe the europeans will have another idea that George and Henry can copy.

of course, by then most of us will be unemployed and too broke to care anymore. it just makes us all feel better to see that W is on the job. are you sure we can’t just hire colin powell to take over as a temp for a few months until Obama can get his bearings? and i’m pretty sure warren buffet can spare a few months to take over for henry at treasury- not that we’re losing confidence or anything….wait just a goldanged minute there, did i just hear the freight cars filled with nitroglycerin come uncoupled from the engine of our economy…and it it’s rolling downhill toward a sewer septic plant. uh oh this could be bad….meanwhile back at the ranch in sedona a seance is being held to summon the gipper from his tennis match with gorbachav in hell, but the devil won’t take a collect call and poor pretty palin is running out of clothes.

dow will bottom at 7500-hover-santa claus to 9000 in december-then bounce at obama’s inauguration to 11000

humans- ya have to love em don’t ya? hope springs eternal and confidence always returns eventually. gonna be a rough few months though. better stock up on Jack Daniels, toilet paper, bottled water and cigarettes if you smoke. (useful to trade if you don’t) bullets, gunpowder, shell casings, protein bars and firewood. time to hunker. if you know how to smoke meat that could be useful too.

how do i know these numbers? no training. don’t even know much about the market. just a feeling that bears get. keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best kids. and remember as red/green says “we’re all in this together.”

on 6-26-08 i predicted the dow would drop to 7500 this year in my post entitled BIG MONEY TALKS. looks like it will happen soon. what do i win? pie in the face most likely.

i was john malkovic mad about republicans messing with montanans right to vote but now…

sometimes i can be a very, very bad bear. that is when i get a little excited about things and lose my temper and then picnic tables and dumpsters go flying. it’s not very constructive and the park rangers make me pick it all up and fix the tables so it wastes a lot of time. but, sometimes when i get mad at the right things it can feel cathartic ( that is when bears relax a little)

it is time to get back on track and try to be a good neighbor again so… now that Obama has taken a nice easy coasting two digit lead and i can enjoy watching McCain’s neck artery start to throb while he develops an aneurism over his slipping numbers and Montana’s legislative race is beginning to take shape with lots of blue leads it is time to daydream about my favorite subject- enacting legislation to regulate reasonable terms for pay-day and vehicle title loans. i look around at the economy and think to myself, i bet those guys are rubbing their hands in glee at the hordes of out of work montanans who will surely come to them for 650% loans. Last legislative session Democrat Rep. John Parker’s bill (house bill 29) to rein in these slime-devils was held up in committee by republican Scott Mendenhall who called it anti-business. (anti-devil more like) this isn’t a business – it’s a license to enslave people to poverty and should be brought down to at least 36% (the limit set by the pentagon to keep these slime-devils from skinning our soldiers alive) Oregon, New Hampshire and Ohio have all reined in these guys. Montana has one of the worst allowable percentage rates in the country at 650%. this is obscene and not defensible by reasonable people. so, who will pick up the mantle of this worthy cause in the next legislature? i don’t know. i’m asking. does anyone know? meanwhile let’s try and see if we can help Stan Voreyer get elected to remove mr. Mendenhall, friend of the slime-devils.

foreclosure sale id #54987 Missoula Montana- a tour.

Linda works two jobs and raised two kids, Rusty and Leah with her husband Bob who worked at the lumber mill in Bonner for 23 years. they met 18 years ago. Rusty just finished basic training at Camp Pendleton and will leave for Afghanistan in two weeks. Leah is in her first year of college at the university of Montana. Bob is in retraining to get his CDL and start a new career as an over the road truck driver. The house is a simple bungalow with a well worn and lived in look. the backyard has three trees that Bob bought as seedlings at Caras Nursery fifteen years ago and planted himself. One pear, a chinese plum, and a mcintosh apple tree. all three trees provide lots of shade in the summer and the lawn was well cared for. the fruit just lies on the ground now since the bank took it over a month ago and the lawn is a bit overgrown but it still looks nice. yellow jackets swarm the rotted fruit and fly drunkedly about as we walk through in the warm sun of a perfect late september afternoon.

Linda’s hummingbird feeder is empty but the late afternoon sun shines through it and it casts a rosy hue upon the front porch steps as we enter the home. In the empty living room, a worn wood floor with a fresh coat of urethane greets us. it shows the marks of a growing family living two decades of their lives. their old dog Barney died last year and small nail scratches still show where he scratched near the door to be let out. A very old but still serviceable wood stove rests in the corner to the left of the big picture window in front. a brick hearth built by Bob looks inviting for cold snowy wet boots on wintry days.

the kitchen has older appliances – all white. Sears Kenmore stove and fridge. both still work well.  small shapes of brand new appearing paint are visible in the finish of the fridge where magnets bearing cartoons, children’s art and work schedules have been removed. An older washer and dryer still serviceable in the mudroom-laundry in the back near the bathroom complete with small shower and a clawfoot tub, an old eljer toilet which appears to work and a salmon pink hand wash sink with a beveled mirror above it also bearing the ghosts of old photos and small pieces of scotch tape where something once hung on the wall.

upstairs three bedrooms are simply arrayed around a small staircase leading to a hall and a brand new bathroom complete with jacuzzi and new ceramic tile. the master bath also is very well remodeled and features two sinks and a steam shower. Bob and Linda always wanted to remodel and when home prices escalated in the late nineties they took out a home equity loan with the bank at a great locked in interest rate of 7.5 percent. their payments on the house after the remodel went up to 885.76 but with 15 years to pay it looked very doable. 

Bob’s take home pay from the mill was 1187.00 every two weeks and Linda’s part-time job as lunch room aide at the local grade school combined with her part-time evening shift at a local supermarket brought in an additional 504.00 every two weeks. one of Bob’s checks paid the mortgage and vehicle payments while the other check paid the utilities, insurance and groceries. even raising two kids, Linda and Bob were able to add to their savings account every month 50 to 100 dollars. the house originally purchased for 88,500.00 in 1993 was appraised by the bank at over 174,000.00 when they approved the second home improvement loan in 2003 for 32,700.00. The added bathroom upstairs and the enlarged garage with heated work room for Linda’s pottery really gave them extra space to enjoy their hobbies and to make room for growing teenagers. the second mortgage increased the house payment to 1109.00 per month but Bob’s truck was paid off and one of his bi monthly checks easily covered it. plus, Linda was promoted in 2003 to head checker at the supermarket which raised her take home pay to over 700 every two weeks. things looked rosy for a few years until temporary layoffs began to occur out at the mill when the canadian wood imports began to hurt business. In 2005, Bob lost six months of paychecks from two layoffs and had to take out another home equity loan to make the original mortgage payments. this second mortgage had a balloon payment due in 2007 of 15,000 which they failed to pay and when the default notices began to show up, they went to their original bank to roll the entire mortgage into one. their original mortgage lender denied them so they looked online and found a national mortgage company that advertised up to 125% financing of any home.

the loan with adjustable rates was approved initially for 7% and the payments of 1345.00 were still affordable with Bob’s checks at the mill but the value of the mortgage with additional fees had now ballooned to a payoff amount of 152,800.00 and in december of 2007 they received a notice in the mail which increased the interest from 7% to 11.89%. this increased the mortgage payment including property taxes to over 1800.00 per month. now Linda and Bob began to realize that they might be in trouble but they were still quite young and willing to work hard to get out. they scrimped on extras and never went out to eat. the kids got part-time jobs to pay for their own cars and clothes. they managed to make all their loan payments right up until Bob was permanently laid off in May 2008. he received a paltry 7 weeks of severence pay and that is when the sad realization began to sink in that their once rock solid dream of home ownership was beginning to slip out from under them. like worker ants who stumble upon the edge of an antlion’s funnel shaped pit, they began falling and with each struggling step they slipped further toward the jaws of death.

Linda and Bob received the warnings about foreclosure after missing 4 months of mortgage payments. they never hired a lawyer to fight it. they did briefly list the house for sale but by then home values had fallen and not being near the university there was little market for their home in a shrinking pool of qualified home buyers. when the eviction notice came from a sheriff’s deputy in august they were ready. they simply moved everything in one weekend into a two bedroom apartment they could afford.

Linda feels slightly bitter about the last mortgage lender but neither of them blames anyone except themselves for the loss of their home. they made decisions to borrow money and they accept the consequences. Both are 44 years old and they look forward to starting over. When Bob gets on his feet with trucking, Linda hopes to get her CDL also and become another of the growing ranks of husband/wife team drivers. they look forward to seeing america and their kids are both doing well. they would not call themselves heroes but their stoic resignation is bravely and quietly demonstrated every day accross america- 3.3 million foreclosures in US currently; 2898 in Montana; 210 in Missoula and like Bob and Linda not one of those americans losing their homes has George Bush petitioning congress to bail them out.

“Mr Risk” Secretary of Treasury


Henry Paulson wants US to give him and his friends almost 1 trillion dollars to bail out his old company Goldman-Sachs and other friends on wall street. who is Henry Paulson?

  • graduated from Harvard 1970
  • worked in Nixon administration for Erlichman 1972-1973
  • worked for Goldman-Sachs from 1974 to 2006
  • CEO of Goldman-Sachs from 1998-2006 where he gained nickname “Mr Risk”
  • appointed treasury secretary by George Bush July 3, 2006.
  • in 2004 took home 30 million in bonuses
  • in 2005 took home 37 million in bonuses
  • estimated net worth 700 million

Henry Paulson does not care about the future of this country or it’s citizens. he cares about his wealth and the wealth of his friends. if you are trying to rid a field of weeds, you do not lift the irrigation headgate and flood it with water. you let it wither and die- then you burn it in the fall to get rid of the seeds. Henry Paulson and his friends are the weeds which infest our country. we need to let them wither and die. only then, can new growth occur.

Just how thick or rich do you have to be to not know how many houses you own???

just one day after telling the press that 5 million is about right for the middle class this clueless fool cannot answer a reporter’s simple question “how many houses do you and your wife own?”

let’s just make sure that McCain never lives in this one.

just like Bush, McCain has no clue how the majority of americans survive. surrounded by rich friends and living in mansions too numerous to keep track of, he just keeps on making stupid statements that expose him to be a rich elite member of the big oil aristocracy bent on keeping us at war with huge tax breaks for his rich friends. i am embarrassed that the election is as close as it is. don’t people realize when they are being lied to anymore???

wealthiest 1% of americans pull no show!

 to my complete and utter astonishment, not one member of the 6 million and over club has answered our call to volunteer to help the US pay off the National Debt!

no doubt it is a busy summer what with jetting to Europe and all those debutante balls to plan. it is probably too much to ask multimillionaires to part with 12% of their net assets just to save the nation that gives them the tax deductions to get richer and richer. i got one pingback from warren buffet’s site though, so nothing ventured…..

and here i thought the wealthy 1% loved the good old USA more than their money. silly old bear.

guess it’s up to what’s left of the vanishing middle class to keep paying and paying while the wealthy get more tax relief and the national debt gets bigger and bigger. I wonder if Russia will take ALaska back when we declare bankruptcy?