how to make Bush Depression pancakes…


today’s survival lesson involves an inexpensive breakfast that gives liberal independents the weekly nutritional boost needed to combat far right wing extremist republicans intent on derailing change in america….

keep in mind that bears are not detail oriented so quantities of each ingredient are somewhat fuzzy….

  1. couple of cups or so of krusteaz whole wheat instant pancake mix
  2. cup or so of quaker oat meal (not instant)
  3. lots of cinnamon
  4. capful or so of Jack Daniels
  5. lots of raisins

mix it all up and add water until it is the consistency of pancake you desire- thick like milk shake for big fluffy cakes…less thick like tomato soup for thinner crepe style pancakes…

fry as you like them in bacon grease…

when you flip the pancakes over be sure and coat the top with small pat of butter as the bottom cooks to allow the butter to soak in…

cover with favorite jams, syrups fruit etc and then enjoy them…

serves 6 or so…but if you are like us you can freeze the excess to pop in toaster through the week for quick get up and go after them energy…

happy times and do come back for more tips from time to time…PB

picnic in montana: problembear’s dream #324

there’s been so much to absorb what with elections, wars and all that

i would like to propose a picnic in montana to get to know one another

a potluck for the world

miles davis said we could use his music

and coltrane and thelonius

they will smile on us from above

republicans can bring potato salad and hot dogs

democrats fried chicken and cole slaw

independents can never be told what to bring so surprise us

libertarians same as above

green party how about a nice organic salad and fresh baked bread?

unions bring the beer

country clubbers can bring the wine and scotch

and if you wouldn’t mind terribly, since you can afford it

all the desserts!

homeless bring your hunger


me and tom waits will bring ” eggs & sausage with a side of toast

coffee and a roll

hashbrowns over easy

chili in a bowl

burgers & fries….”

can you bring good chips and salsa, pitchers of lemonade?

it is time we took a break from the drama

and enjoy what is here again