why use a helicopter???


let’s give George W and Dick a ride home they won’t forget…..

“oh no, it’s coming right for us…”


is this a bad episode of South Park or can Jimbo and Ned actually be right? a real depression does seem to be descending on us. unemployment is growing daily. GM is facing bankruptcy. the bail-out does not appear to be working. what should we do about it to prepare for survival? stockpile toilet paper? whiskey? canned food? gather scattered family members into tribal communal living to share the daily gathering of needs….or do we do anything at all? right wingers and gun nuts will want to check out this site for tips on surviving the coming economic collapse. greenies will want to check this out. as for me…i can’t decide between taking all the remaining cash to Las Vegas and gambling it all on roulette after taking in a show of louie anderson at the excalibur and asking him to remind me about his plan to die slumped over the wheel with a cheeseburger and a milk shake…..or taking to the hills and panning for gold….either way, have fun kids.

dow will bottom at 7500-hover-santa claus to 9000 in december-then bounce at obama’s inauguration to 11000

humans- ya have to love em don’t ya? hope springs eternal and confidence always returns eventually. gonna be a rough few months though. better stock up on Jack Daniels, toilet paper, bottled water and cigarettes if you smoke. (useful to trade if you don’t) bullets, gunpowder, shell casings, protein bars and firewood. time to hunker. if you know how to smoke meat that could be useful too.

how do i know these numbers? no training. don’t even know much about the market. just a feeling that bears get. keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best kids. and remember as red/green says “we’re all in this together.”

on 6-26-08 i predicted the dow would drop to 7500 this year in my post entitled BIG MONEY TALKS. looks like it will happen soon. what do i win? pie in the face most likely.

Pure Hell Adventures #2

Nearly all of the corporate executives who attended our survival course

are accounted for. Thanks to satellite transmitters which remained attached

to  the cadavers we have located most of the participants.

Unfortunately, bears and cougars have eviscerated the remains

making their exact location difficult to pinpoint.

We regret the inconvenience, however our attorneys wish to state

that legally and duly notarized release forms signed by the participants

render us exempt from culpability and immune from litigation.


Successful survivors (should any be found) will be regaled and properly decorated in the winner’s circle,

 In the meantime, we will roast a pig in the fire pit

created by the rescue helicopter’s unfortunate crash landing.

Liquor will be served.

Dress is optional.

(c) Charles Amarack

stuff problembear’s like

  •  cinnamon rolls
  • unlocked dumpsters
  • backpacks
  • small hikers
  • pies of all varieties
  • beehives
  • salmon
  • blackberries
  • huckleberries
  • slow elk
  • slow deer
  • roast succulent penguin served under glass

       to be continued after nap……