Pay Day Lenders Beware…

payday lenders beware; coming to a sidewalk near you…


by problembear

these guys are evil personified on earth!

let’s just make it a date for around may 2010, shall we?

i want to be sure and let you know that we want to get close to your business with our signs and talk to a few folks….hope you won’t mind….i will try and stay upwind….so you get the full effect.

he’s stinky, he’s wide, he’s a problem….and he’s coming to a sidewalk near you….also a great big problembear shout out to all those montana legislators who voted in this legislative session to allow predatory payday and vehicle title loan businesses to continue to charge montana’s working poor up to 650% interest. we won’t forget you either. i promise…..we will visit your legislative districts to give a great big bear hug to all who join montana’s citizens; republicans, democrats, progressives and independents who demand regulation of this industry, and to stump for your more fair-minded opponents.

this report proves that payday lenders are predators who make their money luring poor workers into endless traps…

*as of the date of this posting Mt initiative petition #25 which seeks to regulate payday lenders to reasonable interest rates is in limbo as it awaits the state attorney general’s review for legal language sufficiency. i will update here and on twitter as more news is available.

meanwhile there is still hope that obama will be able to get us some help in regulating payday lenders in the current federal bank regulation bill, but heavy lobbying by wealthy payday lenders is being applied. we need to apply some pressure directly on the lenders themselves by direct action in exposing them for their greed and the damage they do to working families in montana.

one senator in washington in particular has pretty dirty hands on this one…

dates will be posted soon.*if you want to help me gather signatures for the Montana payday lending initiative please leave a comment here and i will be in touch. thanks

by the way- if anyone knows where i can rent or borrow a bear suit size XXXXlarge or at least a bear head for saturdays in may please let me know here. thanks.

half dozen poems

here in missoula

Indians must teach us the true way

to conduct a seance

because our dead are so outnumbered



a long time ago


we writhed like worms on barbed hooks

dangled in front of hungry trout

but we found a way to crawl off

and dig out homes more suitable

than teeth


grew up on


Looking Glass Hill 845 Cheshire street

where jar headed kids on stingrays

threw dirt clods and filberts at the weak

and the lonely vet drank all day telling us

he was the first up Iwo Jima and his kids

gave me whooping cough



best job i ever had


we drilled anchor holes for a snow retaining wall

to keep glaciers from pushing Paradise Lodge

off the side of Mt Rainier

gave away my best bird dog to the construction foreman

who promised her a good home.

met set designers for Muppets Take Manhatten

in the Motel lounge while watching the world series

and we cheered each eruption from Mt Saint Helens.


another day in Missoula


and another great writer shows his stuff

to the world with great swooping rooster tails

pushed along by 300 horsepower twin merc brains

and here I limp along- nurse my 5 horse Evinrude

with a coughy carburetor

too dumb to be scared

i cut accross the wake

stubborn for that distant shore



Charlies Bar


was also Eddies club when Mr Hugo lived here

but I came too late to Missoula to meet him

so I learned to travel where ghosts end up

and found him almost everywhere I went