thank god somebody has some common sense in this country


because it is about time somebody put the brakes on payday lenders and vehicle title lenders in this country. President Obama promised he would fix this and we who work among the poor in trying to lessen their suffering sure wish somebody would. our most vulnerable citizens – the marginally poor workers and the underpaid workers in america are being preyed upon and their hope is being devoured by the interest rates these demonic businesses charge. imagine paying 25.00 for a 100 dollar loan for two weeks! that is the allowable charge under montana state law (a whopping 650% interest rate!)

the pathetic legislature in montana failed to muster enough moral gumption to pass a law protecting our most vulnerable citizens during the current legislative session from these slime devils but fortunately Senator Durbin of Illinois has introduced S 500 in the US senate which should alleviate this scourge from our midst.

rest assured i will be tracking the progress of S 500 as it wends its way through congress. let’s all hope this ends the enslavement of our most vulnerable workers in america and soon!

another fine group working on this is called work forward. it looks like a decent organization with doable goals. give it a look.

Obama in Montana


my great grandfather Johnnie O’Sullivan had a peg leg

and piloted the St Lawrence for Alcoa Aluminum in 1903

when the ice trapped his barge

and the Iroquois moose hunters saved him

and brought him to their village to recuperate


after two months, everyone in Colosse gave him up for dead

but Johnnie showed up on Easter Sunday at the back porch

to surprise my great grandmother Rosalie as she was leaving for church.


the nation electing Obama President feels like that.