dow will bottom at 7500-hover-santa claus to 9000 in december-then bounce at obama’s inauguration to 11000

humans- ya have to love em don’t ya? hope springs eternal and confidence always returns eventually. gonna be a rough few months though. better stock up on Jack Daniels, toilet paper, bottled water and cigarettes if you smoke. (useful to trade if you don’t) bullets, gunpowder, shell casings, protein bars and firewood. time to hunker. if you know how to smoke meat that could be useful too.

how do i know these numbers? no training. don’t even know much about the market. just a feeling that bears get. keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best kids. and remember as red/green says “we’re all in this together.”

on 6-26-08 i predicted the dow would drop to 7500 this year in my post entitled BIG MONEY TALKS. looks like it will happen soon. what do i win? pie in the face most likely.

“Mr Risk” Secretary of Treasury


Henry Paulson wants US to give him and his friends almost 1 trillion dollars to bail out his old company Goldman-Sachs and other friends on wall street. who is Henry Paulson?

  • graduated from Harvard 1970
  • worked in Nixon administration for Erlichman 1972-1973
  • worked for Goldman-Sachs from 1974 to 2006
  • CEO of Goldman-Sachs from 1998-2006 where he gained nickname “Mr Risk”
  • appointed treasury secretary by George Bush July 3, 2006.
  • in 2004 took home 30 million in bonuses
  • in 2005 took home 37 million in bonuses
  • estimated net worth 700 million

Henry Paulson does not care about the future of this country or it’s citizens. he cares about his wealth and the wealth of his friends. if you are trying to rid a field of weeds, you do not lift the irrigation headgate and flood it with water. you let it wither and die- then you burn it in the fall to get rid of the seeds. Henry Paulson and his friends are the weeds which infest our country. we need to let them wither and die. only then, can new growth occur.

small things done well. another reason i love my life

photo courtesy Nathan WIlson  front yard farming

sometimes when i reflect on the numerous huge things that need fixing in this country i become a little overwhelmed and since i am at core a bear of very little brain my intellect starts burning rubber and i have to think small again. there is a site called collective source which i have stumbled upon. it is possible to make small changes and do some good in this world.

Chinese eye Hawaii; Arab Emirates have dibs on Rhode Island and Alaska

filed under Bear News Syndicate. Washington DC.

Sheriffs closed down the US treasury today and evicted officials after China and The United Arab Emirates forced the bankruptcy sale of all collateral pledged and owed by the United States Of America for failure to make their payments. It is rumored that the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island will be turned into a relaxing spa for Saudi Royalty and their families. as of press time no word yet on the fate of Nebraska as it appears that no interest was shown in the state by any of the creditors although rumors run rampant that Warren Buffet may buy it for the new President, John McCain who said that he always enjoyed visiting Omaha and that the new United State of America will pay it’s bills as soon as the new mastercard arrives in the mail. It should be noted that McCain won the election by default after Obama resigned because Bush would not leave the White House willingly. Obama stated  “I just can’t fight the evil anymore.”

Oh No! Hummer Bummer

Yesterday GM announced that it Might drop production of the humvee. Ya Think! Jees at 8 miles to the gallon it only costs 30 dollars to drive for one hour on the freeway. Better trade in those Ford Expeditions soon too. I understand that scrap iron is netting about 2.5 cents on the pound right now. or you could use the Humvee for storage until the Chinese arrive to bid on the upcoming USA bankruptcy auction.Let’s see. two and a half cents times sixty five hundred pounds for the average humvee fully loaded – $162.50 should cover it. Can you take a check? I should go into the repo business. the owner’s will be throwing the keys at me…………..sweet. Hey buddy can you spare a Humvee?


everything still works

and that amazes

considering the birth

of swings and death poets

has dug up enough oil

beneath the Antarctic

to serve roast succulent

penguins for years

Cleaning up the place

the age of hysteria is upon us. Now that the greatest generation has almost completely passed away we panic because we remember that they warned us about being too complacent. We were too comfortable and too spoiled to listen. the bill is past due and payable and the laws of physics will collect.

we can blame the politicians that we elect; we can blame the corporations that we support, but in the end the blame lies with us. we cannot retire this debt any more than we can stop the grass from growing by mowing the lawn. Global warming has begun and round and round she goes- where she stops nobody knows. the laws of entropy and reaction must ensue.