c’mon rich folks- join Abe’s Army. make uncle sam solvent again!

announcing the formation of Abe’s Army- a volunteer force of wealthy americans who have 6 million or more in net assets. their mission- to donate 12% of their net worth to a special one time fund created solely for the purpose of retiring the National debt. This special one-time fund would remain in escrow until Congress passes a new federal bill which would make deficit spending by any branch of the federal government illegal. The target date of federal debt payoff would begin November 1,2008 and would continue until the grand finale on July 4, 2009. 

Those eligible for Abe’s Army comprise 1% of americans whose combined contributions would be sufficient to make the US solvent again and still have enough left over to run the country for two years at current budget.

We call it Abe’s Army because, we are convinced that this prominent republican would want america’s wealthy to rescue this nation’s honor and pay off our creditors which include Russia, China, Arab emirates and 73 other countries.

Once the debt is retired and the dollar is stabilized the economy of the entire world would improve  thereby creating more opportunity for creating more wealth for prudent investors. Also, we envision a new tax structure which is simple. All those who make over 1 million would pay an honest 12% of their income without deductions. This would be more than enough to balance the annual budget when combined with a flat tax of 5% for anyone who makes 60K to 1M per year. All workers making less than 60K would be exempt from federal taxes.

The 1% in this country who possess 6M or more in assets have benefited the most from this great nation and we need you now more than ever to help save the country. Won’t you join Abe’s Army today!

I know this is ridiculous and impossible but wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to show the world- that america is not finished with miracles yet!

The last few decades have filled our ears with tales of CEO’s bankrupting corporations and baling  out with golden parachutes worth hundreds of millions, politicians like secretary of state Rumsfeld enriching himself by tens of millions while in office, professional sports athletes making obscene amounts of money. Everywhere you look is another story of the rich getting richer while the majority of americans are not even sure how they can get by each day. this is a golden opportunity for the wealthy in this country to prove that they are decent human beings worthy of our respect rather than greedy thieves and patriotic hypocrites that the media reports continually. 12% should not be too much to ask to save a country which provides the freedom for you to become rich.

I believe that all americans need to do their part. the middle class has done enough. it is time for the wealthy 1% in this country to step up and make a sacrifice if they trully love this country.

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