Missoula Police and Ambulance Report

 Missoula Police And Ambulance Report


Man found drunk in yard.

Wallet burned in fire.

Driveaway at gas station reported.

Customer returns to pay for gas.

Gas stolen from man’s pickup at marina.

Golfer knocked unconscious with own club.

Heart attack victim receives CPR.

Domestic disturbance reported.

Dog attacks homeowner.

Counterfeit money found inside stolen jacket.

Man arrested outside bar for assault.

Woman kidnaps child from day care.

Homeless man murdered.

Traffic accident. head on. two killed. one injured.

Man found passed out in gas station bathroom.

Woman assaulted. Husband arrested.

Shoplifting reported at drugstore.

Traffic accident. minor injuries. failure to yield citation issued.

Homeless man injured. Refused assistance.

Disturbance at movie theatre. Drunken man removed.

Children playing with  dead dog.

Cat found hung on porch.

Car stolen at lakeside casino.

Teenage runaway found. Returned to family.

Woman found dead.

Man found drunk in yard again.

Problem Bear destroyed by authorities.

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  • 14:56 The Twit Cleaner looks interesting! Check it out here thetwitcleaner.com #
  • 15:36 do you know how to clean a deer? problembear.wordpress.com/2010/02/27/can-you-clean-a-deer/ #
  • 19:10 what is it about safeway that antagonizes me so much? is it the rude checkers or the overall vapidity of the clientele? #
  • 20:24 @jhwygirl usually shop rosauers and OSFF but they have great prices on excellent boneless chicken at safeway. it’s all i get. #
  • 20:25 @redminkwoman albertsons is good too! nicer people than safeway anyway. #

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can you clean a deer?

( excerpt)

Howard could see the car’s dust trail kicking up as it careened down his powder dry ranch road. The vehicle- a foreign job with fancy wheels, stopped at the gate and the driver, a fuzzy mopped kid from the city climbed out and unlatched the gate near a fence that warned NO TRESPASSERS and NO HUNTING. The kid drove through the gate without relatching it and boldly drove up to Howard’s front porch steps. The tinted driver window powered down quietly.

“Do you know how to clean a deer?” the kid asked.

Howard pulled a pipe slowly from his mouth and leaned back in his rocking chair.

“Yes.” Howard answered with a long pause.

He eyed the kid and then looked back at the unfastened gate swinging in the wind. His eyes narrowed as he rose from his chair and knocked the ashes from his now dead pipe into his ash tray. Howard then walked slowly toward the gate and fastened it. The kid watched him nervously and then he opened his car door and walked toward Howard.

“sorry about the gate.” He said.

Howard looked down at the kid. He smiled.

“well, now that you are here. Why do you ask?” Howard said.

“my girlfriend lives next door and her parents are gone and we are staying there and well, she said you might know how.”

“I see. was that the shot I heard this morning around 9?”

“yeah, probably.” The kid said.

Howard looked at his watch.

“It’s almost 3 now.” Howard said. He frowned at the kid.

“I know.” The kid said.

“And it’s about 90 degrees in the shade.” Howard said, still frowning.

“Is that bad?” asked the kid.

“Depends on where the deer is.” Howard said.

“it’s in the trunk.” The kid said, moving with his key to open it up. “wanna see it?”

“no. not particularly.” Said Howard with a sigh.

“should I clean it?” the kid asked.

“that’s up to you.”

“you can’t help me can you?”

“too late to clean that animal son.”

Howard moved toward the gate and opened it again. The kid got back in to his car and drove away. Howard locked the gate and watched the dust cloud from the car whirl away in a dust devil as the afternoon wind from the Centennials began to blow across the Beaverhead Valley. He worried that perhaps that bottom 40 might need to be baled before the thunder clouds above Red Circle peak arrived. He shook his head and laughed to himself as he sat back in his rocker and surveyed the sky, hoping for rain.


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  • 17:02 @stokes would you prefer clouds and a hellgate blizzard? I have connections… #
  • 17:28 politics just doesn’t get any funnier than this: www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-february-24-2010/summit-s-eve #
  • 18:32 i never much trusted any religion to help me converse with god…i cut out the middle man and go direct to the source. #
  • 18:36 speaking strictly as an animal i know the harbor seals are pretty glad that we keep killer whales imprisoned in tanks for our amusement…. #
  • 10:42 @stokes I’ll have my animals talk to their people… #
  • 11:47 @missoulian if you don’t leave a space your link won’t open. Bear tip! #

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  • 12:56 somebody just drove into the river on w broadway accross from safeway #
  • 16:25 who said inglorious bastards was good???…what a complete waste of time. sad that this is what sells in movies. no wonder we have entropy. #
  • 16:40 i liked pulp fiction because it was comic book…inglorious bastards pretends to be more than it is so it failed for me… #
  • 18:15 movies and books must be true to their message…if they start manipulating me for thrills and blowing smoke up my ass i’m outa there #
  • 19:30 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. #
  • 19:42 @Stokes oh i don’t know about that stokes- banks have always done pretty well at it…. #

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