time for Montana Wilderness Bill 2009



with a demo- controlled congress and a democrat president, it might be possible to pass a visionary Montana Wilderness Bill that puts Montana front and center for protection of our wildlife and clean watersheds. We just need Gov Schweitzer, Senator Baucus and Senator Tester to sign on to giving future generations of Montanans the legacy they deserve.

it has been 25 years since Montana last protected any Wilderness.   development on the remaining last unroaded wild lands in montana remain a threat unless we act now. this is the time for vision if we want to keep Montana Montana.

given to hyperbole: another reason i love my life

drift fishing the yellowstone in the fall

the absaroka beartooths loom and words fail utterly

words only exaggerate the obvious

and they must fail as literal shells hatch caddis

so that the yellowstone cutthroat can react

words fail 


“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”-T.S. Eliot

small things done well. another reason i love my life

photo courtesy Nathan WIlson  front yard farming

sometimes when i reflect on the numerous huge things that need fixing in this country i become a little overwhelmed and since i am at core a bear of very little brain my intellect starts burning rubber and i have to think small again. there is a site called collective source which i have stumbled upon. it is possible to make small changes and do some good in this world.


everything still works

and that amazes

considering the birth

of swings and death poets

has dug up enough oil

beneath the Antarctic

to serve roast succulent

penguins for years

Cleaning up the place

the age of hysteria is upon us. Now that the greatest generation has almost completely passed away we panic because we remember that they warned us about being too complacent. We were too comfortable and too spoiled to listen. the bill is past due and payable and the laws of physics will collect.

we can blame the politicians that we elect; we can blame the corporations that we support, but in the end the blame lies with us. we cannot retire this debt any more than we can stop the grass from growing by mowing the lawn. Global warming has begun and round and round she goes- where she stops nobody knows. the laws of entropy and reaction must ensue.

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