We need a picket line to greet Fred tomorrow….


When Fred returns to his office tomorrow, there should be a picket line encircling the Missoula County Courthouse calling for his immediate resignation…..

The County Commission should immediately rescind their support of Fred’s personal vendetta against the DOJ which is wasting tax dollars. we need to prioritize helping make Missoula safer for women by prosecuting rapes and sex assaults. we also need to invest in improving the way victims of these crimes are treated.

and another thing….. where is County Commissioner Bill Carey in all of this. He seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Both of the other County Commissioners have addressed this issue- Michele Landquist and Jean Curtiss are angry at Fred and they both seem concerned about whether Fred was even truthful to them. Bill Carey needs to address this fiasco also and explain his vote to spend 50,000 tax dollars to support Fred’s campaign to drag Missoula through the mud in the National spotlight by suing a federal agency which is only interested in improving the way Missoula handles Rape and Sex assaults. the progressive community who elected him deserve to know where Bill Carey stands on this mess. To stay silent any longer only reaffirms that he is ok with it or he is too cowardly to make a stand against a narcissistic lunatic who is out of control. Which is it Bill?

Commissioner: Bill Carey

Phone: 406-258-4877

Direct:  406-258-3204
Fax: 406-721-4043
Email: bcarey@co.missoula.mt.us or

Fred Van Valkenburg needs to go

Missoula County District Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg has embarrassed Missoula long enough. His stubborn refusal to comply with DOJ recommendations to improve prosecution of Rape and Sexual Assaults and better treatment of victims exposes the city of Missoula, and the University of Montana to more bad publicity. Fred needs to cooperate to make Missoula a safer place for women now. Too much is at stake here to roll the dice on legal fine points. The City of Missoula, our police force, and the University of Montana are complying with DOJ recommendations because they want Missoula to do the best job it can to make sure women feel safe here.

As long as Fred continues to drag Missoula through the mud we can expect the following…..

  • More Declining enrollment at U of Montana. Especially women.
  • Loss of tourism and convention business.
  • More women’s groups across the nation pointing to Missoula as a bad example when it comes to Rape and Sexual Assaults.
  • Parents and Grand Parents increasingly worried about how their daughters and grand daughters will be treated by prosecutors.

The accusations by the DOJ regarding how Missoula County District Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg has conducted his office are damning. read them. 

House of Missoula Cards….

Frank Underwood needs to visit Fred Van Valkenburg…..

apparently Missoula County Commissioners Bill Carey, Michele Landquist and Jean Curtiss either lack the courage to corral this 3 year old and curb his temper or they really do want to be voted out of office…. give them a piece of your mind Missoula…..



Missoula County District Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg would rather waste taxpayer dollars fighting the DOJ than cooperate by spending taxpayer dollars fighting rape.

victims of rape disagree. Fred’s statement that his office investigates rape cases “In our spare time.” is truly an unbelievable statement from a District Attorney who is sworn to uphold the law.

it’s time to fire fred.

will someone in a black robe please take a walk with judge Baugh and tell him his services are no longer needed in Montana…..

by problembear…..

There is a great opinion piece in the Missoula Independent today….


We know there is honor among thieves. This is a challenge to see if there is honor among judges. The embarrassing district judge Todd Baugh remains seated and despite the wrath of the public, his ability to preside over further cases continues and his conduct has been mostly met with silence from our courts. Despite a massive judicial blunder which is costing the state of Montana millions he continues to draw a salary of $117,600.00 from taxpayers. His conduct regarding the rape case of a 14 year old girl who subsequently committed suicide has been reprehensible. his legal knowledge regarding rape sentencing guidelines has been shown to be so lacking that he should be immediately removed from the bench before he can cause more  mayhem and a judicial panel should be convened to conduct an investigation into his competence.

Judge Baugh’s breathtaking ignorance and colossal insensitivity toward the victim on his bench has attracted national coverage and his continued employment continues to heap humiliation on the state of Montana. Waiting will only supporate this wound further and reflect poorly on the judicial branch of this state. If honor still resides in our courts and if serving the law means anything to our court system, Judge Baugh’s removal should be the highest priority of all 45 district judges of Montana.

If there is indeed honor among judges, we shouldn’t need to spend another minute on this. I am thinking that one of Judge Baugh’s peers could simply take him for a long walk and suggest he resign and save Montana further embarrassment.

no more mr. nice guy


This guy is a Bushwhacker

dark money in Montana has angered me by targeting someone i like. Llew Jones is a life long Republican who has always followed his conscience and represents his constituency with decency and integrity. He practically supports the town of Conrad with his business endeavors. And i really like hunting pheasant with his friends. I don’t like “Bushwackers.” as Llew called them a few weeks ago.

Bushwackers are the worst sort of criminal. They hide behind masks and stay in the shadows. Now the Bushwackers have managed to intimidate enough Republican lawmakers here in Montana from doing the right thing by their constituents and vote against Medicaid Expansion to help mostly working poor here in Montana. Jake Eaton and his out of state Bushwackers have invaded the People’s House of our Montana Legislature and now it is down to the last week for our Legislature to pass Healthcare for Montana’s working poor.  They have already managed to pass measures designed to suppress voters from registering on election day, which we will fight.

if i were a Republican i would be ashamed of my party right now. belly crawling cowardly hide in the dark money that Bushwhacks good people trying to take care of their constituents is my idea of pure evil.

The Bushwhackers have no shame. They don’t care whether or not Montana’s workers have Healthcare. They just want to please their masters back in Washington DC. Nobody in this state ever elected Jake Eaton to anything. who is he to tell our lawmakers how to vote?

the following legislators who were intimidated by these Bushwhackers should face the working poor constituents in their districts who will lose out on this Federal Program which would have provided their families with Health Care insurance and apologize for their cowardice…..

Reps. Liz Bangerter of Helena, Ted Washburn of Bozeman, Christy Clark of Choteau and Roger Hagan of Cascade.

and as far as mr Llew Jones goes…. he’s no coward. we need more like him in the legislature.

It’s been a tough year for rich selfish assholes…..


let’s hope it keeps getting tougher for them…..






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