I haven’t seen evil like this since the days of G. Gordon Liddy and Ehrlichman tried to rig the election for Nixon. if you think you have been targeted by GOP operatives in challenging your right to vote you can check your status at this site. these folks can help too. i told a normally mild mannered volunteer about what the republicans are up to in Montana and his jaw visibly clenched and his fists turned white. “this just makes me sick” he said. this man was a lifelong republican. he called me today and told me that he has re-registered as an independent. he told me he will vote democrat this election.


  1. I didn’t quite believe this at first. Thinking: “Problem Bear, are you fishing for problems or what, this can’t be true.” But the NYT just published an article on this as well: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/05/opinion/05sun2.html

  2. thanks for the link tara. it is true. republican operatives have targeted liberal districts like missoula, butte, and helena as well as indian reservations. i have republican friends who are embarrassed and ashamed enough about this to switch their votes this year. i really think that republicans have gone way too far with the dirty tricks this year and people are mad enough to really come together on this as say “enough already.” glad to see you are back in business after a brief absence. keep on keepin on.

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